We hope to learn from those who know the way,
And find some path of our own, in time.
We lean on shoulders who strongly bear,
Our pains and work towards goals sublime.

Who can hope to cross this mortal space
with knowledge that only books can give?
Enslaved words in those tree-torn leaves
Have least encompassed the life we live.

For learning within the realm of school
Or college, is but a life denied
Of real tests, that do teach much more
Than simple books could ever provide.

To learn and educate all is a stepping stone,
to a happy world, everyone’s well read.
None beg or weep, no hunger strikes
Their flimsy selves to a low life bed.

All hands cry for a literate world,
All voices, one song they declare,
A world where Unequals become Equal, and give
voice to their concerns, and dismal cares.

But to have a voice, they must be taught
That literacy is a bridge from misery to hope,
And happiness isn’t only absence of war
But horizons widening education’s scope.

A nation well informed can scarcely be enslaved
In modern chains of materialistic bliss,
In a world of darkness and ignorance ,
Literacy, a taper, burns quietly still.

Teach our children that no money can buy
the love and compassion, care and the likes,
And girls, no less than boys, deserve
An equal share in world’s delight.

Teach our parents, their role, none can contend
first teachers of this life they will always stay.
Forever indelible impact they make
On the young impressionable minds of our state.

For human resource is our biggest asset
And to nurture it, our responsibility,
From the depths of immeasurable imagination
Rises tolerance and stability.

Teach the nations how to teach its men
the lessons of brotherhood and love.
The pains of war may go unsettled
but we all have  an account to present above.

Give a child a rupee a day
and he may be rendered forever dependent.
But teach him how to earn that coin,
be sure his life will be well spent.

Education opens windows to a place
where all can breathe freedom, invite
Strangeness and Difference to exist peacefully
and be no stranger to Compassion’s might.

Once we think beyond ourselves, and realise
The world’s our own, and ours to save,
Education is not only teaching everyone,
Education is all about reaching Everyone.


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