As we are ambushed in the celebrations of yet another New Year, most of us pack our old selves into little flimsy baggage of resolutions made and eventually dress up and out into new ones. Father Time isn’t a lenient master I must say. He is one strict workaholic, moving along constantly, and we spend our lives in his nonstop drive. We keep discovering and rediscovering ourselves, hoping to delve deeper into the mystery of our lives before the curtains are drawn.

We are ever changing and yet the same. I recently got a pixie cut and all the change I’ve seen is MY HAIR! Just that! We are just different versions of the same old identity we are. I am 2.0 version of myself, tweaked a few changes here and there! Let me make it easier. We are just like water, at different stages of life, acquiring and adjusting ourselves to different situations, acquiring different habits, but we are still made up of the same persona that we are.

Let me rewind the cassette of my life 10 years back (sounds so outdated but I DID get to enjoy these small things). I was somewhat like ICE; cool(apparently) ,calm(ha ha, those days..) composed and pretty much adhered to my own beliefs, so compact in my ideology that my friends who probably did stuff differently were labeled as rebels. There was no space for any new view to make home in my mind. I am pleased to have outgrown that phase. But our human race is still like ice I guess. We’ve lost compassion and turned ice-cold in our own deceptive existence.

Right now, I’ve skipped the melting stage and fast forwarded myself into the phase where I am like steam; no constancy at all! I am indecisive and experimental, carefree yet I carefully tread my steps. I can’t be chained, come try, and watch me blow up and burn your face. It isn’t an easy chapter, being the steamy, conflicting cant-stay-at-one-place-mess that I’ve become, but akin to the whole lot on this big wide world, it is transitory. Just like its name, a hot mass that would, eventually, fade away into oblivion…

Maybe somewhere 5-10 years down the road, I would like to settle down a bit. Be composed stuff I was, but still be willing to adopt new ideas and mould myself into a better person, just like Water does. I would prefer being WATER. Life-giving. The essence of survival of anything and everything on this planet, so simple a molecule. Stability would fundamentally find me, though I wouldn’t want to stagnate in a lone place for the rest of my life.

What we plan life to be is often not what it turns out like, so disappointment creeps in our lives. Time isn’t linear, it doesn’t run a straight line like the crow flies, neither is it supposed to! Just like straight roads don’t make good drivers, the entire essence of our presence is in the eternal truth that times keeps changing. It is ever moving, while good and bad times are like its two shores, binding our lives together as the stream goes on.

Since New Year calls for a toast to introspection and retrospection, let us all raise our glasses to the old selves we’ve left behind and call out crazy to the person we are yet to be. Honestly, if you ask me what I will make of myself in this cycle of 365 days, I know not. Maybe that is why I don’t make resolutions. But one thing I know for sure, the change will be good. I will glisten like dew drops on a beautiful snowy morning, hanging in all its earnest from a branch, or might just fly off in the wind to float around and breathe in the freedom. Who knows I might decide to rain down like happiness all around everyone or maybe break a few windows lest I turn to hail!

Que Sera Sera.

In the words of Thomas gray,

Where ignorance is bliss,

                                                      ‘tis folly to be wise.”



6 thoughts on “ICE WATER STEAM…”

  1. Glad to find someone else who appreciates water like I do. I like the way you’ve written this and competely understand the ‘Father Time’ aspect you raised. I could relate it to my own father as well, coming from an asian background. Nice to see that we both compared Ice and Steam to stages in our life in similar fashion.

    This is really well written post. Good work.


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