The Immortal’s Sleep


The goddess of Moon,walked quietly round
the open skies tending to the crowd
of inebriated humans,indulged in their lives
little knowing the giver of the night light.

She walked unseen amongst the men
through whispering farms,wimpering pens,
her light shone bright,yet none did care
a little more wine,and a lot less wares.

She longed for words,some companion form
eternities had passed,she was still forlorn
when at once a voice called unto her presence
frozwith looks so brazen.

Zeus’ son,with a handful of wool,
stood just beyond the ombré sky.
The Latmian shepherd had seen the queen
descended whilst she from her abode high.

The soft gift of skin made up for lost words
quietly flew the sparks array
igniting love that now joined
his flesh to her immortal ways.

But dared she not for he was human
his skin would slowly crumble and perish,
Time would claim,and when he did
no one could hold to some last wish.

So run did she to the thundering clouds
and fell, mercifully at Zeus’ feet.
“grant my love eternal life and
never again would i come to plead.”

The sabre locks did fall forth in agreement
Zeus never forsakes his word,
but a catch was latched to his promise
of immortality to the latmian shepherd.

“Immortality will be his,he will be
cursed to live a life for eternity
but Night shall envelop his days
your love will live,but condemned to sleep”

A cry of despair escaped her mouth
but held she to her breath and said
“he will be mine and i will care
no harm hurts him in eternal bed.”

And so walks she in endless ways
through the night,a watch she keeps
over all on earth and her own in heaven
encased in deep sleep.


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