Often in the ponderous passing days A fleeting thought usually crosses my way Is it the beautiful past that i fear, Or the unknown future that’s anear? I wonder where our acumen went astray, Fawning over mundane yet lucrative worldly ways. How boisterous were we of our love, Where is the sanctity,is there ever enough? Holding hands,we Seven,dodged our paths, Each fighting a battle close to heart, What bound our psyche,our frivolousness! A bond that was too deep to suppress. And yet,here we are,all separate hands, For future’s sake,we take our stand, And decide to part,to make our place In this ruthless mundacious space! What college holds,i cant faintly tell, But loneliness often misery spells. We are so used to each others’ presence All this palaver,doesn’t make any sense. Why college? Why work? I believe 12th was enough! If more torturous be said, I’ll prefer BOARDS instead! Just let us live these years again, Only school, the tales are more arcane.:) No facing the ferosh world alone, No future to fear or past to mourn. Once again we Seven will breathe, Complacent in ourselves,with ease.:) These passing days though make their mark, My wish will go unheard,lo hark!! To Some pretty soul,these words i’ll entrust. To remind us when memories turn to dust, That a bond once shared,still signets, Abets us with a soft caress….


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