The Dabangg Deity

While people are busy loading their deities with gallons of milk or kilos of gold, our Conventional deity Sallu Bhai walks the street, not scot free but bail-free !
While the empty cellars in his name lament the loss of their God,
citizens and netizens are rejoicing in the street for the not-so-human God that now walks among them.
His Bhaktjans are now facing ire of the people for their comments. Abhijeet shot straight to the Lame-light with his dog and pauper analogy. So much for Sallu-worship !

My would-be-lawyer friend laments jumping the gun by celebrating the conviction of Bhaijaan, since he was immediately released on bail.
Dont let my rant make you believe I have any grudge against Salman Khan.
I hold nothing against him. But law must be equal for everybody irrespective of their position and status. This sounds more of a mere ‘ideal situation’ for our country,a figment of my tired imagination.
Money can buy you a lot of things, preference in court being one of those ! Thousands of cases lie languishing in despair between clustered files in a dusty corner , and our judiciary takes more than a decade for a hit and run case. All the glaring evidence and yet the accused walks free. It is indisputable that Salman has done a lot for the people of this country. He has lent a helping hand, a shoulder to thousands through his charity. Nonetheless, it cant acquit him in a case. Comparing his crime to his charitability does nothing to lessen his crime. They are two separate mono-identities of one person.

I believe Salman has made a mistake, and he must pay the price. I admire him for his charity and his charm,
but undoubtedly our Dabangg Deity needs to step down and be a mortal man who has erred.


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