No Ifs and Buts

There will always be that someone,
The one you are Stupid for,
No thoughts no deeds could change that feeling
No ifs or buts,neither nor.

You miss him when he isn’t around
Tease him when he is,
His arms do render comfort,
And warmth seeps from within his grip.

His kiss does make your sense go astray
Interspersed breaths caress your eyes,
That boyish grin,and you lose your guard,
There really is magic,his smile.

When you both fight, those annoying days
Nothing seems to feel right.
You fear distances that anear,
Carelessness at its height.

Avoid you may, care less,if you will
You know nothing will ever fill that space,
People may come and they may go,
He has a different place.

You are left agape,that a guy can have
Such indelible effect on you,
You feel regret and even annoyed
for there is nothing you can do!

Sometimes you just have to believe
That some things are meant to stay,
Even if not perfect,even if not much
But anyhow,someway…


2 thoughts on “No Ifs and Buts”

  1. I can relate to this so well that I don’t want to.
    Discovered this while reading your latest post.
    It is always a pleasure to read your incessant musings.


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