life, LOVE, memories, Poem, rhyme

Spare The Prejudice


When the way seems to have gone astray,
and there seems no hope at all,
who holds the fingers’ glistening sweat,
to push harder through fate’s enthrall?

Ordinary love,makes it farther than,
the fake and twisty fairytales,
ordinary love,yes it is,
often the prejudiced,and the stale.

We cant go any further than this,
we cant love any longer;
We cant stay apart for long,you know,
nor stay together, stronger.

Inept it is,to believe in forevers,
callous,it may seem,for me to do.
Resurgent faith,with every dawn,
digs deeper in my heart,for you.

We can make forever,one day a time,
and spend lovelorn weeks apart,
we take off our masks,indignant,
for any day,our forever can start.

Spare the prejudice,its cynical,
the world doth teach ,to trust not.
Ordinary love is all we ever get,
extraodinary is but a thought.

No livid details,you love who you love,
no superman to save the day,
Cant stop dreaming,and I wont,
for My ordinary will find its way.

Maybe your love isnt what you saw coming,
but spare the prejudice,please!
You may fall for a pleasing music,
but Lyrics is what’s underneath.

Aestas air breathes through the night
guarding ordinary hearts asleep,
from prejudice,deep and dark
burning in cradled dreams.

Yet again with open arms,i call thee
My ordinary love,back to me
hoping,once again you’ll fall
for the girl you loved,the ordinary Me…


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