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Doubt’s Dreadful Deed

via Daily Prompt: Devastation

She shifts through the cracks
and makes home in the shacks
of feelings in those tendrils weak,
in sinew holding to the strength it seeks

Doubt makes her way up to the heart
playing on its mysterious part,
as shouts and screams reach cacaphonous highs
She pats her back,and grins more wide

Hatred seeks to place himself where once
feelings dwelled, bowing to none.
they have long deserted the splendid ways
of lovely walks and silly word plays.

Love is shunned out of his seat,
Jealousy moves in, swiftly meets
the despicable residents of the forlorn town
Called heart,which now breathes no sound.

Doubt’s done her deed, celebrations begin,
the shunned inmates cry out in vain
for some respite, to the one they belong,
unaware of the Love gone wrong.


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