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Jamnagar’s limestone fortress

Ankle deep waters glistening under the bright sun, with beautiful marine life, all culminate into a dream-like day. Gujarat’s town of Jamnagar, nestled near the western coast in the Gulf of Kutch, is an uncommon place for a vacation, often subdued into near oblivion by its sister towns Rajkot and Dwarka.  Jamnagar plays host to India’s first Marine Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park spread across 162.89 Square Kilometers of Marine National Park and 457.92 Square Kilometers of Marine Sanctuary.

The drive to the marine park is marked by a narrow road into the reserve. We would’ve been oblivious to its existence had my dad’s curiosity not led us to the gates with the aim of discovering that which no one knows about. And we were in for a pleasant surprise. Not just that. An archipelago of 42 islands (which are not inhabited by more than a dozen people at any time) the best being Pirotan, Karubhar, Narara, Poshitra are accessible by boat rides. One needs to carry bottled water for the lack of drinking water facilities. This untouched serene beauty is a spectacle in itself.

The coral walk, which is the most celebrated part of the Jamnagar tourism, is conducted during the low tide and takes about 3-4 hours. Coral reefs are discernible in the 1-2 feet shallow water, with mutable colours, host to a variety of small fish. During the low tide, the water recedes enough to enable a walk into the wide opening spread across a vast expanse of ocean bed, which reveal the veritable underwater forest. You don’t have to dive deep into the sea to be a witness to the marine life that makes itself visible to the naked eye in this marine park. Discovering the place on foot is marvelous. The guides will pick up a stray slimy octopus or a puffer fish, with jaws strong enough to chip off a coral! Sea turtles, lobsters, crabs, dolphins, ray fishes, jelly fish, star fish, sea anemones are other vibrant specimens of oft-sighted marine delights. . If one is lucky, dolphins can be seen rising to the surface for the delight of all the watchers. In winters, migratory birds dot the sky as travellers make their way through the shallow waters. The tranquil waters of Chejja creek are complemented by mangroves forest on both sides which trail the path to one of the islands. We walked about a kilometer into the park, with bent necks hoping to catch a glimpse of this beautiful show.

The colourful but fragile eco-system at display is unmarred by human existence owing to its almost non-existent common knowledge beyond the edges of the city. As we made our way back to our car, we looked back to see water slowly filling up the space our footprints had left. The park will live another day, safe from our destruction.



I knew it was always you
omnipresent,different kind of feeling,
never letting go of that link
which tied two separate universes through.

Its a new day and pleasant dreams
reconcile reality with fantastic space;
I accept the love with grace
so much that it overflows at the seems.

I was lost in your fire that lit my soul
in thousands of fragments that burned bright,
blinded for a while in the dazzling light.
I couldn’t separate diamond from coal.

article, REALISM


I say this because I do.
Now I have no fear of being ridiculed or mocked at.
at least I believe in something that doesn’t castrate someone else’s right to existence and prosperity.
my unicorns don’t tear down churches and drag a god’s statue and rub it in the face of all the faith keepers. They wont try to rip apart your family,
or try to segregate you into petty religious mono-identities,that create an invisible abstract belief that maybe the god that we choose to kneel before, can make us any different from the person who holds a cross in his hand.

My make-believe epitomes of freedom and esperance
don’t beat the crap out of innocent( until proven guilty )people and label them ‘ love jihadists.’ i need hardly say how ludicrously absurd their premature deductions are. The visage of Ethics,today, hides beneath it the pernicious venom of hatred fueled by moral discontent.

My one-horned myths don’t carry guns.
They don’t misinterpret religious texts and lure men into believing in something that can catastrophically put an end to life as we know it- who are being led by blind extremists into the deep chasm of self-deprived existence, all for some ‘Greater good’!

so yes, I might be a child, for I believe in these myths and call them home. It is my belief that life is impossible without an immovable belief in something, no matter how trivialized your sense of belief may be. Introspection is the water to our parched sense of righteousness.
Till the lesson goes home,
the mirage of peace and happiness that I hold in front of me, unapologetic for not accepting the harsh reality that stares square in my face,
Drives a simple question-

wouldn’t you rather ride a fable than be the one behind the gun?