article, REALISM


I say this because I do.
Now I have no fear of being ridiculed or mocked at.
at least I believe in something that doesn’t castrate someone else’s right to existence and prosperity.
my unicorns don’t tear down churches and drag a god’s statue and rub it in the face of all the faith keepers. They wont try to rip apart your family,
or try to segregate you into petty religious mono-identities,that create an invisible abstract belief that maybe the god that we choose to kneel before, can make us any different from the person who holds a cross in his hand.

My make-believe epitomes of freedom and esperance
don’t beat the crap out of innocent( until proven guilty )people and label them ‘ love jihadists.’ i need hardly say how ludicrously absurd their premature deductions are. The visage of Ethics,today, hides beneath it the pernicious venom of hatred fueled by moral discontent.

My one-horned myths don’t carry guns.
They don’t misinterpret religious texts and lure men into believing in something that can catastrophically put an end to life as we know it- who are being led by blind extremists into the deep chasm of self-deprived existence, all for some ‘Greater good’!

so yes, I might be a child, for I believe in these myths and call them home. It is my belief that life is impossible without an immovable belief in something, no matter how trivialized your sense of belief may be. Introspection is the water to our parched sense of righteousness.
Till the lesson goes home,
the mirage of peace and happiness that I hold in front of me, unapologetic for not accepting the harsh reality that stares square in my face,
Drives a simple question-

wouldn’t you rather ride a fable than be the one behind the gun?



It isn’t the fragrance of freshly baked pies or the twinkling lights on the Christmas trees. Neither is it the Christmas carols we sang with great joy in school assemblies, lined up like little reindeers to a carriage. What I remember vividly are the candles, smell of everlasting love in the air, and yes the one that doesn’t need any reciprocation. The love we give without running out of stock. Ever. I remember that love. That is how I commit to memory my Christmas, simple homely and love-filled merriment, not of Christ’s birth, but the reincarnation of love in our hearts.

When I look back at all the celebrations and fervor that used to be around us when we were in school, I fondly bear in mind our Principal narrating little snippets of stories with morals that would always end in love. Love is certainly what made the world go round. We live on the love of our family friends or maybe if we are lucky enough, love of someone special. What I remember is that love knew no time zones or religion or colour or orientation. It was given and taken without any hinges attached to it, nor any hooks of immorality. The exchange of gifts, food sharing. I don’t know how we managed to pull it off year after year, without ever getting bored or weary. Maybe it was love. To put it in Dumbledore’s words, it is the greatest magic that existed.
But what I see around me now is not how I remember this, nor do I want to be part of such a world. A world where we have to fight for our rights is certainly not working right. How many roads we have travelled since time immemorial and yet we do not realise how unequal we have turned ourselves into? A line randomly sketched on a piece of paper called MAP divides us and turns us against our own kind. Our beliefs have made us loathe each other!
No religion teaches its men to massacre hundreds of innocent children. It is Man and not Religion that is at fault. We are so myopic in our views that we fail to realise the catastrophe we bring on ourselves. What do we expect to gain out of this incessant war for things that belong to each of us? What can we gain by shedding blood of innocent people all for superseding our own brothers? Is that what our religion preaches?
This is not the world I want to remember and a future in such ignorance scares me to no end.
This Christmas season, approaching a new year, let us give love to those who need it. Make ourselves a promise to be there for people regardless of who they are to us. Let us swell the magic of love and hope it heals the wounds of those, who have lost their loved ones; for whom Christmas was just another desolate day and the approach of a new year sends shivers down their spine, for it is a new day without joy or happiness.
This world needs love, people standing up for each other, saving each other. That is how I will remember Christmas, When the world rose as one.